The Problem We Solve

Many independent cafes, bars and restaurants are difficult, unsatisfying and unrewarding for the people who operate them. We call them “Parasite Businesses”. 

If you have one you know exactly what that means – it takes more from its owner than it gives and cannot be left alone… even for a short time. 

In most cases it doesn’t have to be that way. We help unleash the potential of these business… so their owners can be proud of them and make a great living too.

Why Independents?

Because it matters more. 

The owner of an independent café, bar or restaurant is hugely invested in their business. If it fails, the owner can end up in real financial trouble; and even a business that performs well on paper will take over its owner’s life if it’s not set up well. 

But a great independent business that works for the owner and brings something unique and authentic to the local community is a wonderful thing for all involved.

How We Help

We have two routes depending on the type of help required. Our initial conversation will determine if either is suitable for you.

  • Training Programmes in a classroom environment that take students through a rigorous formal framework. Our programmes are supported by an online portal and regular online group coaching calls.
  • Coaching on a one-to-one basis, which can be in person or online. This tends to be less formal, though it still references our framework and includes access to the portal.

Meet Alex

I set up Doing Good Through Food after a 20 year catering career, both as an operator running award winning businesses and a consultant advising on public catering operations. I decided to become a consultant when I found that I loved problem solving even more than running a business.  

I understand the frustration and confusion that running cafes, bars and restaurants can entail. But having spent the last 2 decades solving these problems and seeing best practice first-hand, I also know it is possible to resolve nearly all the issues a food and drink retail business will face. I distilled this knowledge into the framework that underpins our training programmes and coaching. 

I love the industry and believe it truly matters. Food and the choices we make around it profoundly affect our health, our communities and the state of the planet; businesses serving food are perfectly placed to lead these conversations and can make a tremendous positive impact in the world. What I want most of all is to help cafes, bars and restaurants to do good through food in the way that matters to them most… all while being successful and profitable for their owners. 

Let's get started

Let's arrange a free 90 minute face-to-face meeting to discuss your business, define your challenges, clarify your ideas, and identify your opportunities