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Running a food and drink service business can be complicated at the best of times, but if the food side of the business is under control most other issues become more manageable. When operating in exceptionally difficult times, having the food side of the business under control is critical.

In this toolkit you get the essential tools and methods for making sure the food you purchase, prepare and sell actually turns into profit. There are loads of tips on how to use them, plus checklists and guides to help you put the advice into practice straight away.

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  • Learn how professionals write recipes and price dishes
  • Discover a free, easy to implement system for recording food waste
  • Learn why different types of food waste happen
  • Find 21 example actions to address specific food waste issues 
  • Get the tool professionals use to decide whether to buy more or less stock 

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  • 16 additional, easy to implement ideas to cut food waste dramatically 
  • Template to significantly improve food waste reduction 
  • Tool to calculate selling prices for you automatically 
  • Video to explain the selling price tool
  • Tool to easily work out how quickly your stock is selling  
  • Video to explain the stock turnover days calculator
  • Links to resources to take things even further  
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"This is an excellent resource that would be hugely useful for anyone without formal catering training. When you're generating food sales with great margin, everything else gets a lot easier."

Anna Kearney-Greig, Operations Director at Purezza

Need some more detail?

The Essential Food Toolkit contains the most effective, simple and quick to implement tools to improve the performance of the food side of your business.  

I put it together because too many great independent cafes, bars and restaurants struggle and fail to deliver the profit they should for their owner. Although there is a lot more to running a successful food and drink business, if you can generate enough margin from your food sales then many other issues become far easier to manage. Conversely, if the food you sell doesn’t deliver enough margin, then even the best business becomes unmanageable. With trading conditions near impossible at the moment and likely to be hard for many over the next few months and years, it is essential to have excellent practices in place.

Every year more than 10,000 new cafes, bars and restaurants are started in the UK. Nearly all are still trading one year later and the majority last for at least two years. But fewer than one in three businesses are still operating after five years. The majority of closures are the result of cash flow issues and, sadly, many closures could have been avoided. Again, these figures are a reflection of the situation in normal trading conditions - the period we are entering into will be anything but normal and cash flow will be an enormous challenge for most operators.

Increasing the profit margin on food sales goes a long way towards solving cash flow issues. Under normal trading conditions, in many cases the cash flow issue is ultimately due to low profit margins on food and not controlling waste properly. This is why the most valuable things I can share with cafes, bars and restaurants are the tools and tactics to fix their food problems. Right now, sales have dried up overnight for many operators - as customers return it will be more important than ever to ensure that their purchases actually turn into profit.

The tools in this guide are used by all large catering companies and people who have worked for one of those companies may think the tools in this guide are common knowledge. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  

If you want to generate the profit you should from your food sales, have more money to operate your business, and ultimately make more profit for yourself… this guide will help you do that.  

"This encapsulates years of knowledge into a single easy to use document. The most concise yet detailed guide I have seen in the industry in 15 years. A must for anyone from chefs to business owners!"  

Rory O'Dwyer, District Support Manager at Shepheard Neame 

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